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For the Love of Spreadsheets

Monday, 22 May 2017 by
I love spreadsheets. I was weaned on Lotus 1-2-3, a master Quattro Pro user (including their macro language), and now I’m a pretty fair expert on Excel. I can do just about anything in Excel (short of programming), and if I don’t have a formula that one must pull the formula bar down four rows

The Origins of Travel Insurance

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 by
The arrival of spring in North America brings not only the start of baseball season but also the busy season for industry conferences and trade shows. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research’s 2017 CEIR Index Report, there are over 13,000 business-to-business and business-to-consumer exhibitions held in North America every year, accounting for just
As a relatively new insurance software company, we’re often met with questions about our size, our capabilities, our expertise or our staying power. We believe we provide good and sound responses to every question. As we consider those (and similar) questions in the context of our industry compatriots, we are reminded of, well, a circus.
Megalodon Insurance Systems is excited to attend the upcoming CICA 2017 International Conference in San Diego, and not just because we’ll be able to escape (at least for a few days) another cold Midwest winter: For those unfamiliar with the acronym (you can be forgiven considering there are more than five million acronyms/abbreviations), CICA is
The view from the top is spectacular: the sky is crystal clear and the spires from nearby buildings reach up – some as close as three stories below. Glass elevators from adjacent buildings race continuously from the lower levels to the top and back down. Clouds obscure the cacophony of the streets and avenues below,
If you look at the genesis of many software programs designed and developed to manage captive operations, you will find that most companies start with an originating premise, and then discover that, to broaden their market, they bolt on broad functional areas that ultimately must work together. In the prehistoric days of software (somewhere between
Learning about the history of insurance is, in many respects, like learning about the history of mankind from roughly the Middle Bronze Age forward. Monetary economies (with markets, currency, financial instruments, etc.) were made possible, in part, by Chinese (3rd millennium BC) and Babylonian (2nd) traders agreeing to transfer or distribute risk when transporting their
Some years ago, a seasoned colleague of mine would introduce our Agile process to the implementation team of a new client with a stark reminder: “Software implementation is a painful, messy process. Be prepared for anger and frustration, because no matter how good the base software, no matter how experienced the team leaders, no matter
Pretty much anyone in a challenging job in most industries can quickly become frustrated with – and sometimes overwhelmed by – fractured workflows. In insurance, there are often dozens of tasks to be performed and many pieces of documentation that must be collated and packaged to complete tasks, however the tools used to do this
Though headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, Megalodon Insurance Systems has a few employees – including this author – who grew up as Cubs fans near Chicago. To say we are overjoyed by the North Siders winning their first World Series title in 108 years is an understatement. So what, you may be asking, does baseball have



Looking for a better and more affordable way to upgrade your legacy systems? Contact us to learn more about how Megalodon can help automate and streamline your processes.