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I Wish

Friday, 31 May 2019 by
In our many (many!) years in the insurance business, the question that is always and universally asked is, “Why doesn’t the system [fill in the blank].” And, frankly, the response is almost universally the same: “I wish it did that, too.” Why doesn’t someone start with those universal questions? Why can’t a system: Be intuitive

Dancing the Consultant Tango

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 by
In the past several months, I have had conversations with people involved with systems installations in three large companies. All three installations were slowly failing, at a great cost to the companies in both time and money. There are three similarities among these situations, and they are conspicuous because they seem to be common in
Senior executives of smaller insurance companies rely on the energy and diligence of their staff to overcome serious flaws in their systems and processes. That is a short-term tactic that for too many companies has unfortunately become a long-term strategy. For many captive managers and small insurance companies, the question is rarely, ‘do we need
If you take all the hype to its illogical conclusion, we’re right around the corner from people-less insurance companies. With technology advances, particularly with artificial intelligence (AI), we’ll have no need for underwriters or sales people, and claims decision-making will be performed by sophisticated algorithms without the need for human judgement. The savings in coffee

When a Start-Up Isn’t a Start-Up

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 by
It’s an interesting title, but of course by definition a start-up really is a start-up. Unless, of course, the definition doesn’t adequately describe the start-up. We start with this comment because the word ‘start-up’ evokes any number of impressions, mostly uncertainty with respect to the ability of the new company to deliver on its promise.
Have you ever wanted to throw your hands up in frustration at how your current insurance software system functions?  Do you have umpteen workarounds to try to do one process…like prior term endorsements?  Do you have to manually adapt premiums via debits/surcharges/credits to get a premium where it needs to be rated?  Does your system
The Megalodon Insurance Systems team looks forward to NAMIC all year long, and we are eager to get there next week! This year’s convention will be held September 24 – 27, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. If you will be there, please take a moment to say hello in person at booth #116. Without taking too

Wants vs. Needs: The Agile Dilemma

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 by
Early in our career, we became fascinated with the process of developing software. Back then, we told the programmers what we wanted, and they went off to create it. Sometimes the software looked like what we had imagined, and sometimes it looked more like what the programmers imagined. It was hard to decide if the

Why Spreadsheets Are Old News

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 by
If you’re part of Megalodon’s rapidly growing fan base, you’ve noticed how interested we are with the history of insurance and the utility of spreadsheets. As I contemplated this blog post, it made sense to combine these themes to explore the history of spreadsheets and how reliant we have all become on them. It turns
Megalodon Insurance Systems’ co-founder/CEO, Bill Montei, and I recently traveled to Colorado Springs to attend the Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA) Medical Liability Conference. The sky was sunny and temperatures hovered in the low 70’s the day when we arrived on May 17; two days later we departed under cold (44 degrees), gray skies



Looking for a better and more affordable way to upgrade your legacy systems? Contact us to learn more about how Megalodon can help automate and streamline your processes.